Just Breathe!

Breath 2

This week I’ve been discussing
how life can be like the road construction
that we are seeing all around us

This construction period gives us the opportunity to STOP

S – Standing Still
T – Taking Inventory
O – Observing Your Surroundings
P – Planning

To go Slow

S -Start Small
L – Looking Long term
O – Outweigh Priorities (make a list)
W – Whittle Down the List (based upon what is most important)

And how to avoid or think more carefully about DETOURs

D – Decide What You Want
E – Eliminate as many things as you can that do not serve your dreams
T – Take Your Time by going SLOW
O – Outweigh your Options
U – Understand where you are going
R – Readjust as needed

And many times as we go through this process
we begin to find it frustrating
maybe even painful
almost as if we are getting ready
to give birth
to something new

In 1940 French obstetrician
Ferdinand Lamaze
taught women how to use
a controlled breathing technique
in order to cope with labor

A technique that is still used to this day

I believe our first instinct as humans
is to stop and take a deep breath
when things are not going well
especially when our life is “under construction”

I truly believe that is why smoking
was so huge in the 1920s and beyond

After all what process does smoking entail?
get ready
breathe in

That’s where practices like Yoga can come in
and be a more beneficial way
to learn how to cope with the stresses
of today

In 2004
Ana Nalick released a song entitled

One of her choruses urgently sings out:

There’s a light at each end of this tunnel you shout
‘cause you’re just as far in as you’ll ever be out
and these mistakes you’ve made
you’ll just make them again
if you’d only try turning around

So breathe
just breathe
oh breathe

But what does it mean to breathe?

To breathe means to take in air into the lungs
and then to expel it
as a part of a regular process

it turns out
is made up of 78% nitrogen
21% oxygen
1% argon
and other trace gases

Nitrogen is unreactive
Oxygen is reactive
Argon is nobel
which means it’s reaction is very low

I think air itself is how most people go through life
78% of it they probably ignore or it passes them by
21% of it they actually take the time to react to
the other 1% might be what they do when no one else is around

When it’s cold and we breathe out
we can actually see the air we produce
in the form of water vapor
water in it’s gaseous, visible form

So my question to you is when you exhale
what are you expelling back out into the world?

Taking time to breathe
gives us the silent stillness we need
in order to contemplate this thought

B – Be Still
R – Reflect upon how you feel
E – Eliminate negative ones
A – Assert in positive ones
T – Think about the positive over and over and over again
H – Hold onto that hope throughout each moment
E – End pain (Repeat the breath until the pain ends)

H – Hold
O – On
P – Pain
E – Ends

Reflect upon and breathe in
hope, until the pain ends

it will end

when it does
something beautiful and new
will be born

And that’s what we’ll discuss next week
how to treat this new road you have (or will be) creating
as protectively and lovingly as you would
a new-born child

Until then
Continue to look for inspiration
and Illuminate what you find to those around you

Peace and Blessings!

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