life detour

This week I discussed the STOP strategy
which asks you to really take a look at all aspects of your life by

S – Standing Still
T – Taking Inventory
O – Observing Your Surroundings
P – Planning

Once you’ve done that
I’ve asked to to go SLOW

S -Start Small
L – Looking Long term
O – Outweigh Priorities (make a list)
W – Whittle Down the List (based upon what is most important)

Today I am going to talk about

Those roads that are under so much construction
you can not drive on them
you simply must go around them

Sometimes this is temporary
and other times in life
this is for good

A detour is a long route taken
to avoid something
to visit somewhere else along the way

Detours teach us
how to be flexible
and how to really focus on where we are going
and what other resources we may have with us
that will help us arrive at our desired destination

In the past
I used to see a picture (see above)
where the “road” from point A to point B
was a squiggly hot mess

Most captions I saw would say something like
how all the squiggly stuff between point A and B had value
and was necessary

While I won’t argue with that logic 100%
I’d have to say
now that I’m older and wiser
the more I live my life strategically and consistently
the less I experience drama and anxiety
which creates more time for the things I actually want and love to do
which creates more moments of peace and joy

So my advice is going to be
how to avoid detours in life
or at the very least
really thinking about any detour you may be considering
before you embark upon your journey

D – Decide What you Want
which you should have done when you developed your own life mantra
or when you STOP and SLOW

E – Eliminate anything that does not serve your dreams
you will not be able to do this 100%
but the better you get at it
the more you will be able to eliminate those things in life
that are eating up your time and taking you further away
from where you want to be

T – Take your time
see my blog post about going

O – Outweigh your Options
when faced with an opportunity or challenge
which one will take your closer to your goal faster
and in the most efficient and affordable way?

U – Understand where you are going
This is the L in SLOW
keep your eyes upon your dream at all times
or as players say in sports
“keep your eye upon the ball”

R – Readjust as needed
no one and no experience is going to be perfect
pilots make adjustments all the time for weather
and all other unexpected things that might pop up along the flight path
and that’s okay
just ask yourself
how can I get back on course
as quickly as possible?

Life is going to throw you some detours
but it’s up to you how you will respond to them

By developing strategies like Stoping, Slowing down, and avoiding Detours
you’ll begin to notice more and more successful days
and fewer and fewer tougher ones

Stay tuned as tomorrow I’ll discuss the BREATH technique:
What to do when you experience a detour

Until then
keep looking for inspiration
and illuminate what you find to others

Peace and blessings!

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