SLOW down!


Yesterday I asked you to STOP

S – Stand Still
T – Take Inventory
O – Observe Surroundings
P – Plan

What did you observe?

As for me
I am observing a lot of road construction
which means that I am undergoing a lot of construction
within my own life

I also noticed some intense fighting the last few days
verbal fighting in my family
the desire to fight inside of my son
so I signed him up for martial arts

I’ve been focusing so much on
grace, love, and peace over the past few months
that reality came back to kick me in the behind

I believe it was trying to show me
that some things in life are worth getting dirty and fighting for
like keeping yourself or your family together
and reaching for your dreams

But now that I’ve STOP(ed)
I need to make a plan
on what I am going to do
about what I’ve noticed

And one thing I’ve noticed about myself
and I’m sure you’ve noticed it about yourself too
is that when I see what I want
I want to race and hurry up
in order to get there!

But another thing I’ve learned
over my 41 years of life experience
is that anything worth having
is worth going SLOW for
S -start small
L – looking long term
O – outweigh priorities
W – whittling down the list

Even thought I have big dreams
of starting a business
or heck
even just keeping my family together
and us being happy about it
there is a lot to do!

For my family I…
– looked up consoling resources
– signed my son up for an activity
– started cooking dinner and having us eat around the table
several days per week

For my business I…
– look up and listen to resources
– started a blog
– registered the business name
– got the business it’s own phone number and address
– got business cards
and that’s about it
so far

But while I may be starting slow
I am still keep my eye upon the long-term goal or dream
that’s what any good athlete will tell you they do as well
“Keep your eye on the ball”

It gives you something to reach for
while you’re stuck in the dull, boring routine of life

Then you need to outweigh your priorities

on thing I’ve been finding
is that it’s becoming difficult for me to focus on the current job I have
because I want to start my new business now!

Some of this could just be that it’s the last month of school
and I’m a teacher

I have to stay focused
and do a great job as a teacher
because that is what is providing pay and health insurance

So each day I have to outweigh
what I have to get done that day
what I want to get done in order to reach my dream

One of the thing things that helps me stay focused and positive
is making a “to do” list

You can either do this with old-fashioned paper and pencil
or there are tons of APPS now a days to help you

I tend to use both

I use paper and pencil for short term
and I use the APP Trello for long-term goals and dreams

So now that you’ve STOP (ed)

S – Stood Still
T – Took Inventory
O – Observed Surroundings
P – Planned

Remember to go SLOW

S -start small
L – looking long term
O – outweigh priorities (make a list)
W – whittling down the list (based upon what is most important)

For any road worth building
and worth traveling down
is worth doing so correctly

And as a reminder
I’ll leave you with a Disney’s Car Clip
as a visual reminder

Until tomorrow
Look for inspiration
and illuminate what you find to others!

Peace and Blessings!

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