Be Prepared to Stop


Sunday I wrote about
how our outer lives
often reflect our inner ones

And I admitted that perhaps my inner life
must be going under a lot of construction lately
for three out of the four roads I take to work
are under serious construction

The very word construction means
to build

And before anything is built
people must STOP

S – Stand Still
T – Take Inventory
O – Observe Surroundings
P – Plan

Stand still
think about your life
think about the roads you travel down each day

Take inventory
what’s good about those roads?
and what are the eye sores?

really look at your external and internal world
what feelings do you get when you are certain places and spaces?

make notes of the good feelings
and of the negative ones
make a plan

How are you going to fix it?

One way I am going to start fixing my life
is creating and taking the “summer simplification” challenge

In June
I plan on creating a private Facebook page
where anyone who wants to take the challenge
can gather to help cheer other on

The challenge will be
to set aside
a certain amount of time
each day
to think about one simple thing
you can change
and then doing it
right then
and there

My hope is that this challenge
will actually become
a habit

And I’ll be modeling this challenge
on Vine and through other social media
and I hope you will too

Until June
I’ll continue with the topic
“under construction”
and I’ll remind you of the objective:

As I reconstruct one or more areas of my life
I expect there to be some road blocks
I may even have to STOP in my tracts
But I will keep going

I will figure out detours
while other roads are being fixed
because I know in the end
the rebuild will be worth the newer experience

Until tomorrow
keep looking for inspiration
and illuminate what you find to others

Peace and blessings!

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