How to Develop Your Personal Brand


Monday I described what Personal branding is:
a promise to the customer of an experience

Tuesday I described why you should care:
by creating a brand for myself
I am showing the people around me
including myself
how passionate I am
about my dreams

I am going to walk you through a series of questions
that should get you to start thinking
about how to brand yourself

Last week
I had you think of a mantra
that you were going to make for yourself
that you would repeat
over and over and over
until it started to become a reality

Before that
I had you create a list of your
physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual qualities
then I asked you to summarize that list
into two or three simple sentences

For example
mine was:
I Illuminate and Inspire in everything I do
and I make good money doing it
which provides me with all the means I need to maintain a clean, well pleasing home
and allows me to have all the time I need and with my family and friends

Looking back at this mantra is a good place to start
when thinking about what kind of promised experience
you want to give those around you

My mantra says:
If you are around me
I hope I inspire you
by shinning my light so brightly
that I hope you can see and feel yours!

write down a list of adjectives
positive descriptive words
people might use
when they think of your name
and if you are not sure

In fact
I haven’t done this
so I’ll do this on my social media sights today as well
I’ll type in:
Please finish the statement:
“When I hear the name Jennifer Engel, I think…”
but of course, fill in your own name

think about some symbols
that have always spoken to you

For example
for many people
it may be the cross

For one woman
it was a bouncy ball
“No matter how hard it hits the floor
it always comes back up bouncing higher”

For me
it’s trees
always grounded
yet always reaching for a higher light

If you don’t have symbols that speak to you
pull out your phone or computer
and download a free logo builder app
I used Logo Creator on iTunes
but there are many more free apps as well

Play around
until you find one that seems to fit you

While you develop your logo
think about color
go ahead
google “color meanings”

Once I did
I choose green because I love nature
purple because I consider myself highly intuitive
yellow because I like to think I’m creative and fun
plus I love the quote
“the dark is nothing the fear
when inside you you carry the light”
and blue
because I like to dive deep into myself
and deep developing my highest potential
and I like to teach others how to do the same

Once you got a symbol or logo that represents you
keep it up
and post it around you

As an added bonus
try to create a tag line that goes with your logo

I played around with this for a few days
I’d write one and tweak it a few hours later

Finally I came up with:
Diving Deep to Unlock Unlimited Potential

Notice how it matched the colors I choose?
blue like the ocean, diving deep
highly intuitive like the purple?
unlocking unlimited potential
represents the yellow light that will shine forth
once the potential is set free

look around you!
look in the mirror
look in your closet
look at your home
look at your work space

ask yourself
does your surroundings match your brand?

If not
it’s now time to begin to simplify and line up
with what you say you are going to deliver
with what you actually do

In fact
if you stay tuned this evening
I’ll be posting a Youtube video
about the thought processes I went through
while thinking of developing my brand
as well as other think abouts
that I didn’t post here

The objective this week is to develop your own personal brand
we do so because we want to make a promise to ourselves
and to everyone who interacts with us
what experiences will be like

Developing our brands
prove to ourselves first
then to others
how passionate we are
about achieving our dreams

And like anything in life
passion is contagious!

As you develop your passion
people can’t help but follow and support you
as you work towards that passion

And as Joseph Campbell says:
Passion will move men beyond themselves
beyond their shortcomings
beyond their failures”

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