Developing Blissapline

developing blissapline

Now that you have your mantra
your long-term goal for your life
it is time to develop:

Blissapline was a term devised by
Vishen Kakhiani
founder of Mindvalley

Blissapline is basically the art
of taking at least 15 minutes a day
to truly sit down
and visualize your ultimate dream
and how your day will help you support that dream

In Vishen’s Video
The Theory of Awesomeness
he describes six areas he focuses on
I have narrowed it down to four:

Emotional (connected to others)
Spiritual (connected to self and the universe)

Each morning
before I do anything else
I do my Blissapline
which only takes about 15 minutes

Step One:
start memorizing and visualizing your overall dream

Step Two:
Think about what you have to get done that day

Even though we’d all like to start “living the dream” now
the reality is that it is going to take many small steps
and at least 5-10 years to get there

there are other practical things that need your attention now:
work, kids, spouse, chores, etc.

By developing Blissapline, however, you will begin to notice that
everyday, practical things
should be becoming less and less stressful
and more and more enjoyable

So, back to Step Two:
Think about your long-term goal and how that fits in with what you have to get done today

For example, if my long-term goal is:

I Illuminate and Inspire in everything I do
and I make good money doing it
which provides me with all the means I need to maintain a clean, well pleasing home
and allows me to have all the time I need and with my family and friends and time to take care of my own physical health

What could I incorporate into my day to help me achieve that
physically? mentally? emotionally? spiritually?

physically: I can jump rope for a minute or two when I have time throughout the day
mentally: download and listen to podcasts or youtube videos about business
emotionally: make time for myself and my boys
spiritually: keep posting consistently to Inspire and Illuminate

Step Three: Get Practical
either on a phone app or in a notebook or in a daily planner
write down what you need to get done today

4:00 a.m. – 7:00 a.m. – write and post to Inspire and get ready for work
while getting ready for work listen to a podcast about business (takes care of spiritual & mental)
7:00 – 5:00 p.m. – work while at work I need to….write down your to-do list for work
when I get a minute or two I can jump rope (takes care of physical)
5:00 – 6:00 – dinner with family (takes care of emotional)
6:00 – 8:00/9:00 – flow (see where the evening wants to take me) sometimes it’s to sleep, sometimes its to chores, sometimes its to talking with my family or relaxing
8:00/9:00 – sleep

Step Four:
either while getting ready
or by taking another 5 minutes to sit down and visualize
really think about or see yourself doing the things you’ve written down throughout the day

Another idea is to carry your blissapline notes with you
either in a small notebook or on your phone (schedule and notes app)
this way you can “check off” the things you get done as you have completed them

Step Five:
how did you do
did the day go as you visualized or hoped?
if so, great!
if not, don’t worry – not all days do

On the days that don’t go the way I want
I’ll write something like:
didn’t get as many chores done as I wanted today, but I did end up spending more time with my boys which overflowed my emotional area. Also, I still have more time tomorrow to get chores done.

Another technique I use is to incorporate as many sense as I can
to help me achieve my dream and my day

For example:

Sight: I make a collage of what I want my dream life to look like and keep that posted on my laptop or I’ll find a picture (like a rock) to keep on my work lap top to remind me to stay grounded, strong, and focused.

Smell: I use essential oils and room fresheners to help remind me of what energy I need for the day. These can also go with visualization and taste as well – think of the rainbow
reds – clove/ apple/ I need to be grounded
oranges and yellows – orange and lemon – I need energy
green – pines, mints – I need to remember to speak and think from the heart/ compassion
blues and violets – lavender – I can see the larger picture. God/The collective consciousness helps take care of all of my needs and desires

Touch: I physically write down my dream and my schedule every day
I’ll check in with you tomorrow to see how you did with the lessons presented this week as well as reflect upon my own.

Stay tuned next week as I teach you how to brand yourself
so that you can sell your future vision
not only to yourself
but to those around you
without them even knowing

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