Developing Your Mantra (or long-term goal)

meditation vs mantra

Yesterday I had you think about
what was going on in your life
and spiritually

I asked you to think about what was going well
and what was not going well

If things weren’t going so well
I asked you to reflect it back into positive terms

For example: I am tired
becomes I have all the energy I need

Now that you have your list
it is time to make your mantra

Originally a mantra was a Vedic hymn
but today it has been westernized to mean
a sound or statement repeated frequently
in order to help with concentration
especially when in meditation

Basically what I am asking you to create
is your long-term vision
but not just create it
memorize it
over and over and over

Focus upon it
at all times

Keep it posted around you and with you
everywhere you go

Doing so will help you say yes to the things that will get you where you want to be
and help you say no to the things in life that are trying to distract you

Look at your list
look at the positive side of your list

Take those four areas
and try to summarize it down
into an easy to remember
3-5 line mantra

For example
here is my positive list from yesterday:
I look in the mirror and love what I see
I am happy in my home which is clean and well taken care of
I have access to everything I need on line in order to keep my mind focused and sharp
I have all the time I need to be with my family and friends
I practice blissapline which has started to have a huge positive impact upon my life and I’d like to teach others how to do the same
I could keep it as it
or consolidate it even more

I Illuminate and Inspire in everything I do
and I make good money doing it
which provides me with all the means I need to maintain a clean, well pleasing home
and allows me to have all the time I need and with my family and friends

Got it?
Now you try:

After you have your mantra
it will be time to develop Blissapline
the time you’ll be setting aside each day to focus upon
and visualize
your mantra coming true

As a side note
the key to getting what you desire
is believing that you have the power to do so
believing that you deserve the things you desire
if you don’t believe
it won’t happen

if you are a skeptic
that’s okay
you can take the baby step of just moving from disbelief into curiosity
“I am curious to see if focusing on my mantra for 30 days
will actually change anything”

Being open to curiosity
is where I started

Tomorrow’s topic will be Blissapline
what is it and why do I need to do it?

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