Spiritual Prosperity Think About: Day 4 Blissapline


Step One – Become the gate keeper of your own mind
Keep an eye out for any negativity
and replace it with beauty as much as possible

Step Two – Use your emotions as a guide

Step There: – Develop your own mantra or prayer
and say it over and over and over again
Step Four: Develop Blissapline
(This term is credited to Vishen Lakhiani)

I love this term: Blissapline
but what does it mean?

Blissapline is a lot like discipline
which is training oneself to do something
in a controlled and habitual way

We’ve developed disciplines called habits for positive things like
showering, brushing our teeth, drinking water, etc.
habits we do not always because we enjoy them
but because they bring about some sort of contentment
weather that be physical contentment, emotional, or otherwise

Blissapline then is the habit ones develops
to enhance spiritual prosperity which leads to
longer periods of joy

I will be doing future posts on this for the whole month of may:
meditation vs. mantra
how to develop a direct connection to
the collective consciousness

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