Spiritual Think About: Day 2 Using your emotions as a guide

emotinal compass

Spiritual Prosperity Think About
Day 2

Step One – Become the gate keeper of your own mind
Keep an eye out for any negativity
and replace it with beauty as much as possible

Step Two – Use your emotions as a guide
In order to increase spiritual prosperity
you must learn to listen to and trust
the emotions this Spirit has given you
and just as a compass always points North
this Spirit always reorients you where you are
by having your emotional compass point you back towards

I have found the positive emotions are easy enough
they let us know what is going right
what is working for us

The negative emotions, I have found
have their purpose as well
and I’ve discovered over time
that this purpose is to protect us
and to let us know when we’ve gone off course
so that we can reorient ourselves to getting back on track

And just as color wheel has it’s opposite, yet complimentary color
so too does our emotional compass:

Depression teaches us Forgiveness
Despair teaches us Hope
Sorrow teaches us Joy
Bitterness teaches us Redemption
Hate teaches us Grace
Fear teaches us Love
and Love leads to Grace
Love leads to Joy
Love leads to Exhilaration
Love leads to Hope

And just because I know this wisdom
doesn’t mean I never feel any negative emotions
in fact
I felt them quite overwhelming just yesterday

But I am trying to take and practice my own advice
I could sit and just focus upon the sorrow
or I could focus upon the resilience
the gratitude
the courage
the trust
the respect
the compassion
and most of all
the love that is pouring out
as a result from this sorrow

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