Emotional Prosperity Think About: Day 4

Image Created by Tim Kippel on a Canon EOS 50D

Loving someone unconditionally
is the hardest thing I’ve ever done
and it becomes harder when I realize that
the first person I need to do this for
is myself

This does not mean that I love or let everyone near me
this means that as I interact with those around me
I practice non judgement
interacting with wants and desires
instead of constantly imposing my own
in the case of unconditionally loving myself
imposing societies expectations of me
over what my soul truly desires
which is joy and peace and happiness

Discernment is fine
the ability to perceive what will or will not
serve your own growth
but coming to a conclusion
I argue
about who or what someone is
or is not
would be inaccurate
due to the fact
that you have never lived their life
nor been inside their mind
which is where the whole world happens

I see others
inside my mind
I hear sounds
inside of my head
I feel
inside of my body

The whole world occurs inside of me
so that is the first place I must practice
non judgement

I must love myself unconditionally
before I can even attempt to try that with anyone
or anything

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