Thoughts on Peace

Peace on earth
Like anyone else
I can become overwhelmed and worried
about the negative and dark things
that happen in life

And while I may not be able to do anything
about the injustices that are occurring all over the world

I can do something about myself
how I interact with and serve those around me

Conflict and darkness will always occur
it is my job, as one of many Spiritual Teachers,
to first defeat my own darkness and demons
by shining the light of truth and compassion on them
with the goal of resolving difficult experiences
as quickly and as peacefully as possible
so that peace returns
for longer
and longer
periods of time

And as I learn to do this for myself
I can teach others
how to do the same

And like the movie “Pay It Forward”
even if I do that for only three people
and they only do that for three people
over time
we just may have
a peace revolution on our hands

A revolution of love and compassion
that will take root, grow branches, and bare fruit

And who knows how far seeds from those fruits will spread?

When darkness comes
this is the mantra and dream that I will stay focused upon
laser-sharp focus
upon the light
in as many moments as I can muster
in the here and now
with those
who are around me

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