What is resistance?

is a noun
a thing
an idea

According to dictionary.com
it is an act of opposing
withstanding a force

To resist
is a verb
something we do
with an object

It is when we are actually committing the act
of opposing
a withstanding force

In psychiatry
it is often committing the act
of attempting to repress
thoughts or feelings

It is not an act
I would argue
for just psychiatry patients
but for us all

On some level
we all

Very few people are comfortable
sitting and being with
someone who is experiencing a negative emotion

I, myself
we leave them
or ignore them
or tell them to go some place
on their own

and it becomes even more uncomfortable
when that person
is experiencing a negative emotion
as it applies
to us
wether it is deliberate
or not

Buddhist and eastern teachings
ask to find the place
of nonresistance
of sitting with
and not running away
from a negative emotion
or a person
who is
experiencing one

we are to be with

To be
in nonresistance
the verb
we must then do something
with that emotion

Most people in the mental health field
call this
allowing yourself to
“go through all the emotions”

This can take years
or minutes

The more we allow ourselves to go through this process
and the more we go through this process with others
the shorter amount of time it will take
with each time
we practice

Stop denying the fact that this emotion is there
and/or that it doesn’t feel uncomfortable

Often my logic mind wants to tell me
“you are overreacting – get over it”
but my heart calls my logic mind
an inconsiderate bastard

Listen to your heart

2. It is okay to get angry
it is okay to let anger out
but it is not okay to stay

If you are a person
who has to physically get it out
I would say this may be the time
to be alone for a while
just to ensure that no one around you
gets hurt
hit the gym
throw dishes

research has shown
that visualizing those things
is just as effective
as if you were doing them

So if you can sit down for a bit and visualize
getting your anger out
in any way you need to
inside of your mind

you will probably be able
to get through the healing process
more quickly
without hurting anyone
especially yourself
3. After anger
you’ll probably move into sadness or depression
allow it to come
allow the tears to flow
without hiding
or moving away

If someone asks “What’s wrong?”
tell them
healing can occur faster
when someone is present
because often what scares us or saddens us the most
is that we are afraid to be alone

4. Ask what this feeling was there to teach you
when it was first present?

5. Visualize what you needed in that moment to feel better
let it envelop your whole body

Teal Swan calls this Shadow Work
and the video I posted above shows two people
going through it

I should note
that shadow work
is a lot like putting together a huge puzzle

It will NOT take one time
to make everything you experience

Depending upon how traumatic the experience was
or was not
will probably depend
on how long
and how many times
you will need to practice
this technique

I will leave you with a quote from his Holiness
“If every eight year old
in the world
was taught meditation
we would eliminate violence from the world
in one generation.”

I would even take it
a step further

If every person practiced
and going through their emotions
instead of repressing
and being in resistance to them
we would find peace in the world

If you want peace in the world
we must have peace in the cities
if we want peace in the cities
we must have peace in the home
if we want peace in the home
we must have peace within

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