Emotional Landfills

Garbage dump outside Buenos Aires

The older I get
the more I realize
that true power comes
from within

I can not control outside circumstances
but what I can do
is choose how I look at those circumstances
and how I react to them

We live in a fast-paced
get it now
use it
and throw it away society

An average person generates
almost a ton of garbage per person per year
65% is produced in homes
35% in public places

55% is buried
33% is recycled
and 12.5 % is burned
when we could reduce waste by 70%

Have you ever noticed
that once in a while
you produce your own
mental garbage?

I contend that I
and probably many others
are addicted to mental garbage —drama,
perhaps we create it just so that we can feel alive

Let’s face it
everyday life is boring
same job, same routine
day after day after day

Life needs a little excitement once in a while
and if life doesn’t give it to us
we’ll create it ourselves
but most of the time we do this in a negative way

And just as we throw trash into bins
we allow mental and emotional garbage
to pile up
inside of our minds..and souls

And soon
if we are not careful
we’ve created inside of ourselves
an emotional landfill

We all have inner worlds we create
places we escape into
when this world
gets to be too much

And we have the power to design and create
what this world will look like
sound like
and feel like

Most of the time we allow the things going on around us
to create our inner world
instead of taking the time
to create it ourselves

And just as we can and should
reduce the amount of trash we produce in our society
so too should we reduce the amount of trash that we produce
inside of our minds and souls
When you find yourself in an emotional landfill moment
face it
own it
tell it that you are in control, not it

Step two:
devise a plan
based upon
your personality type

If you are social
hook up with a drama-free person
whom you can trust
and talk out a solution

If you are an introvert
get alone
get quite
and listen for the answer to come

or maybe
no matter who you are
try both

Step Three: Reduce
Wether you are social or an introvert
your plan should include
reducing the amount of garage you let in

Say “No” to drama
and reduce the trauma
that you experience
in your life

Step Four: Reuse
In every emotional mess
there is a miracle
find it

Look at the mess in front of you
as a DIY project
what cool thing can you turn
that piece of junk into?

If you are not into arts or crafts
look at it like fit-it-up, remodeling project
either as a a car, a room
or space inside a virtual world

Step Five: Recycle the Energy
attacking the problem with positivity
when you take the power away from the problem
you empower yourself

Think of it as replacing fossil fuels
which is not clean for the environment around it
with a sustainable source of energy
which is clean for the environment around it

Instead of hitting, yelling, arguing, negative self-talk
run, dance, sing, meditate, write, paint
until you come to the place of peace
and clarity

Lastly: Simplify
Find what you love to do
and do that
cut out anything that doesn’t fuel your fire

Cut out the drama and save yourself from trauma
reduce the negative
reuse energy into something positive
and recycle that energy until it is clean and self sustainable

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