Concentrated Community Think About Day 2: Roots and Exponents


Not all roots are bad
in fact we all need roots to grow
to dig into
to pull nutrients from
the question we have to ask ourselves
is what nutrients are we pulling in?
where have we dug our roots into?

If we are what we repeatedly do
what we repeatedly take in
then we must look around ourselves
and ask to what do we allow ourselves to pull from?

In some communities
some people have dug their roots into anger
jealously, fear, negativity

in others
some have dug their roots into peace
gratitude, trust, and positivity
when we have dug our roots into these things
our base remains stable
with no power attached to it

when we dig our roots into the other
at times
we feel strong
like we can take on the world
and all those who are in it

true power
I am finding
as I climb the hill of longevity
does not come from the storms
but comes from the calm
and the peace
the storms produce after

so if someone in your community
is causing a storm
look at what they are digging their roots into
can you help them dig their roots into something better?
and if not
do they need to be weeded
even just for a while?

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