Book List Challenge

top 10

Most of the time I don’t like to play

silly games found on social media

this one however, I thought was fun

being an avid reader and writer:

Top 10 Most Influential Books:

I was nominated by my friend
to come up with a top 10 list
of books that have influenced me
I shall place the books in order
of influence
1. The Power of One: by Bryce Courtenay
I hated the ending. I threw the book across the room I was so angry with it, but the rest of the message was powerful. I actually liked the movie’s ending better.
2. Black Elk Speaks: John G. Neihardt & Nicholas Black Elk by Michael F. Steltenkamp which dispels a lot of the mysticism in Black Elk Speaks

3. The Iliad and the Odyssey: Homer

4. The Inferno: Dante Alighieri
5. Ideas and Opinions: Albert Einstein
I love combining science with spirit
6. “The Spirit of the Indian Woman” by Judith Fitzgerald and Micheal Oren Fitzgerals – there are many, many more like this I have read, but I just chose one to be a representative of them all.
7. The Bible
8. The Nag Hammaid Scriptures
9. The Bhagavad Gita
10: Medicinal Plants and Herbs

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