Vehicles for Vision Think About: Day 4

tune up day 4

So now that you took a look at what vehicle you are currently using

to get you closer to your dreams and desires

how to you do a tune-up or a trade in

if one is needed? 


Consider what a tune up or a trade in is

it’s getting rid of the old

and replacing it with something new


Dr. Charles Duhigg

Author of “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business”

examines daily life

and has found that habits

make up for  more than 40 percent of the actions

people performed daily


So if you want a new vehicle

you need a new habit


according to  Dr. Charles Duhigg

it’s as easy as one, two, three


One: Think about the reward, dream, desire that you ultimately want


Two: analyze what you are doing now

is it getting you closer to your dream and desire or further away? 

what habit do you think you need to replace that would get you the reward you want? 


Three: find a cue: something that will trigger your brain to remember to do the activity 

for example

step one: if you want to loose weight, perhaps your first step is to eat more cleanly

step two: a habit you would need to replace is eating non nutritious foods and replacing them with nutrient-dense foods

step three: perhaps your new habit might be to buy or make your meals for a week, and place a daily portion into a lunch box of sorts – whatever is in the lunch box, you can eat.  Whatever is not in the lunch box is off limits. 

you may have three cues to get you going on your new habit: 

your alarm clock on Saturday morning to go shopping for the week may be cue one

cue two would be your daily hunger

cue three would be the new lunch box 

the rewards you may get would be feeling better about yourself and just more healthy in general


A few things to keep in mind 

new habits may need a tune up as well

if it isn’t working

if it isn’t providing you with a reward

it won’t work

keep tuning up until you find a reward strong enough

that will keep you wanting to do perform your new habit


new habits take time

so be kind with yourself

they say it takes about 21 days

to form a new habit




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