Vehicles for Vision: Does yours need a tune up or a trade in?

vehicles for vision

What vehicle

are you currently using

to get you to 

destination vision


how is your vehicle working for you? 


Last week I began with a quote from Yogi Berra: 

If you don’t know where you are going

you might not get there


Whenever we set a destination for ourselves

weather it be literally or metaphorically

we have to have a vehicle that will get us there


In the real world

this vehicle could be your feet

a bike

a car

or other forms of public transportation


all these vehicles

are radically different modes of transportation


Last week I asked you to consider what your vision was for your life

what you hoped and longed for? 

what you would begin today if you knew you could not fail? 

what makes you come alive? 

what you love to share with others? 


I contended 

was your vision


Vision is a point on which to stay focused upon

like a light house in a storm


Your passions

your desires

what actually makes you move

the vehicle that gets you there


what drives you? 

what is the vehicle you are using

in order to get you going 

in the right direction? 

how is your vehicle running? 

is it time for a tune up

or a trade in? 


Just recently I was driving my car to work

and the check engine light came one


the car repair shop was so close to where I work

that I could drop it off

and walk


While at work

I got a phone call

the basic repair would cost about 300 dollars

which was within my budget for repairs


(there is always a but)

the clutch in my car was about to give out any minute

(yes, I realize I am/was one of the few people who still drove a stick shift)

and repairing the clutch would cost about 2,000

which was not in my budget


I also had to to take some other information into consideration: 

one: my care was 12 years old

two: I just put in 600 dollars of repair into it just a few months prior

three: last year about 2,000-3,000 was put into repairing the car


I also asked my trusted mechanic: 

if this was your car, what would you do? 


He informed me that old cars can keep running

but that I should budget about 2,500 per year to keep it doing so

2,500 – I would need to put aside 200.00 per month just to keep up driving my old car

at that point I decided that 

I could use that money in a better way

as part of a new car payment

a new car that would be

much more reliable


The vehicles we use

to drive us towards our visions

are a lot like our cars

they need maintenance and repair

and at some time in our life

they may even need to be traded in


So what are vehicles that we use to propel us towards our visions? 

our vehicles

I contended earlier

are our passions

our strong desires and emotions


What drives you? 

anger? greed? jealously? impulsiveness? anxiety? 

Do you need a trade in? 

love? compassion? knowledge? 


This week I want you to focus not only on what your vision is

but I also want you to take time to seriously consider what vehicle you are currently using

to get you towards your destination

part of the reason why I traded in my old vehicle 

is that I deemed it unsafe for long travels

which my family and I make at least two times per year

Is the vehicle you are using safe for long travels? 

for reaching a dream or a vision takes time

This week, ask yourself: 

Is the vehicle I am using just need a tune up

or does it require to be traded in? 




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